We don’t know Allegra Alexandra Powell, but we are convinced she’s a lying catfish and therefore deserves no privacy.

In accordance to our mission of public humiliation, we found Allegra Alexandra Powell’s Instagram page.

We don’t really use Instagram, even though it’s the world’s most popular site, so we can’t tell you about her Instagram page.

We can tell you:

– she has over 140,000 followers

– not everyone online likes her

– sometimes people disagree with her

Fuck That Allegra Alexandra Powell Catfish Bitch

Allegra Alexandra Powell Won't Date You or Catfish?

“Allegra Alexandra Powell has NO right to exist!”

“Allegra Alexandra Powell must be a catfish!”

You can find these comments online but who is saying it?

Sources confirm that all of these people attempted to interact with Allegra Alexandra Powell online,  but felt she ignored them.

Obviously, that made her a catfish.

cropped-img_0258.jpg Allegra Alexandra Powell Ignored Me Because I Was Ugly

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